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Application Rouge :)

Post  Cheesits on 25/8/2009, 19:27

1) Which character is applying to AddicTive??
Character Name: Cheesits
Level/Class: 80 Rouge
Talent Spec: Combat
Professions: Skinning/Minning
Hopefully won't be in my pvp gear

2) Who is the person behind the pixels?
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Time Zone: GMT
Hobbies: Badminton /being pro XD
Other Info:

3) How much general experience do you have with World of Warcraft?
Years/Months played: 2 Years
Typical play schedule (days & times):
Sunday - Thursday: 18:00-23:30
Friday - Saturday: 17:00 - 1:00 (Friday to saturday times usualy change about)

4) What do you enjoy most about World of Warcraft and your characters? I enjoy improving my character gear wise and becoming more skilled playing a rogue. Obviously i also enjoy bring at the top of the DPS meter Smile I also enjoy Raiding as long as it's good progression.

5) Which statement best describes your goals in playing World of Warcraft? (please select only one)
[X] I am focused on end-game raiding progression and willing/able to dedicate the time and effort necessary to be successful (3+ raids per week).
[] I want to see as much of the game as possible, but don't have the time or desire to raid frequently enough to master the most advanced instances (~1 raid per week).
[] I prefer raiding 10man instances and heroics.
[] I prefer working to gear/level multiple characters.
[] I simply enjoy playing the game and talking to new people; whatever else happens is fine with me.

5) How did you hear about ADDICTIVE and/or who directed you to apply? /2 REcruitment and Astrinnar. Owwca

6) What positive things do you feel you can bring to ADDICTIVE? i think i can bring in a skilled and Charamistic player to the guild who will help with progression through content.

7) What positive things do you feel you will get out of joining ADDICTIVE? Hopefully i will gain alot of friends and enjoyable regular raiding Smile.

9) Of which guild(s) are you currently or were you previously a member? Enduring Alligance, Illgeal Conflict, The Coventant on alt

10) What made you decide to part ways with your previous guild(s)? Illegal Conflict disbanded and Enduring Alligance weren't raiding enough

11) How much WOTLK raid content have you experienced on the character with which you are applying? Please differentiate between bosses you've seen and those you've defeated.
All Naxx OS VOA
Know tacts for TOC but never completed it
6/14 bosses downed in Ulduar

12) Do you have Ventrilo installed and in working order? Yep

13) Do you have a working microphone to communicate over Ventrilo? Yep

14) Do you have a functional threatmeter addon installed? (Omen preferred) Yep

15) If interested in raiding, do you have a boss addon installed? (Deadly Boss Mods preferred) Yep Smile


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