Application; Shadow priest

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Application; Shadow priest

Post  "Healme" on 20/8/2009, 23:22

(I know I'm soposed to copy and paste the Application Forms, but I've desided to give my application a personal touch by writing it all by my self)

Character name: Healmesoftly (a pun from the song called: "Killing me softly" by Fugees.
Level 80 Shadow Priest.
Professions: Mining and Herbalism (can grind regents to w/e, whenever... mostly) Also full skilled cooking (I've got fish feast stocks on my all the time, but I can make anything that you desire to boost)

IRL info: Name is Philip, soon to be 18, I live in Stockholm, Sweden wich places me in the +1 hour time zone (Paris time, also server time)
Hobbies: Chilling mostly, being with my mates and taking it easy. I lissten to a lot of music, since it is my world and I wouldn't live without it (litterly). I also like to have an oppinion on mostly everything so I tend to sit and read about worthless stuff on the net or in a library just 'caus I might end up in a conversation with just that subject... So I know a lot of nonesence.

Playtime: 72 days
I've played since it was released but stoped after a month or two, picked it up after half a year when it started to get some improvements. I've stoped playing a few times but end up buying an other month just to say hi to people and the next thing I know I'm in a guild raiding every day. Had a per-TBC Paladin on Chrommagus (can't be bothered about spelling his name correctly, since he sucks, and so does the server) I leveled him to 70 when TBC came out but got bored. Started of with this Priest instead and now I live with this one.
I tend to get online every day, and if I don't; I have a reasonable reason why not (house on fire, dog ran of, computer gave up). Can't raid on Tuesdays, however, the rest is clear. But my schedule tend to change from week to week, so I carve anything in stone. But I'm quite flexible and spontaneous so I think it'll be alright =).

What do you enjoy most of WoW and your character? Hm... well the greatest reason I'm playing is 100% 'caus of my friends. I have both IRL and WoW friends on this server, and it's always great to do something togetter with someone you care about.
Just the question per say; I asked myself the same thing some days ago and came up with (dissregard my friends) 1. Achievements. I tend to do what it takes to get them, but I will not make them compromise the raid.
2. My dps. It's nothing arrogant about it. Just that when I've downed a boss and I see the DPS meeter pop up from a friendly soul I'm filled with this unearthly urge beyond explination... quite geeky, but it's great. So I'll do my best to score the highest.
The rest is just monotony crap, but I play anyway.
And if you didn't understand, both 1 and 2 comes with raiding.

About the number 5)-one... Well, I would like to pick all of them, but since I'm not allowed to do that, I won't.
I'm really in the middle ot 1 and 2 (from the top) since I don't have my weeks planed out and It might change from time to time. But I'm dedicated on what I do when I do it, I'll finnish the raid even if it's a war in my livingroom, all really since I still have the raiding discipline from per-TBC left within me.

Well, I've known of AddicTion since it first started to grow (I like to know wish guild are making what kind of progress) and I've known some members that've left or stoped playing. But the person who've made me apply is Chincong (Hiiii!!! =) ) She told me that you needed range dps. And here I am. I also know Astrinaar (<3) and Pennan (we were in the same guild, can't remember which though). I Might know someone else, but I'm not that updated on all the of your current members.

Possitive things I might bring to the raid... Hm... Well, my pressence and actions will make the bosses health drop down a little bit faster than you've here by known of, and I'll try as hard as I can to keep that effect up.

Out of joining your guild I hope I'll get a lot of new friends, new experience, new gear (not as a greedy wish, but as an improvement for only me and for the whole raid/guild) and new and great times of cheerfull raiding and happy whiping as we'll make progress.

I'm guildless at the moment. Have bine so for a while now (whole summer). It's not because I like being whispered about newly signed guilds that wants members for their HC runs but mostly 'caus I like some peace and quiet.
But It's time I got my act togetter and stoped thinking about myself.
I was a member once of the old Kazzak guild Heartless (now solace) But I left since the leader was dull and ignorant. Migrated from Kazzak 'caus my friend did (didn't care about the guild since they didn't care about me)
and here I am. I've also joined a few swedish guilds with some old friends (Former striped socks members and thier alts) but also others like Rhonin of Sweden and Kartellen. Didn't raid with any of them that much.

I've done naxx, VoA, OS and Mallygos 10/25 man (the last one I don't have the achievment on, but I've done it so many times I know the tactics backwords in my sleep)
When it comes to Ulduar I havn't really done that much. I've killed the first boss the first day Ulduar was released (I think) with a pug, but it failed when we met Razorscle and Trash mobs from hell.
However, I am a fast lerner, and I'll pay more attention then needed everytime, all the time. So my knowledge will grow fast about how to down them.

I have all kind of ventrilo versions but I don't have a mic, my dog ate it and I havn't got a new one...
I have no addons. At all. I don't trust them. I also made a bet with an in-game mate that I couldn't level from 1-70 without addons without going insane, and I so proved him wrong. I also have a 6 year old computer(working great) a keyboard worth 10euors (99kr) and a mouse shaped as an Opel Astra that my friend bought me for 2 euros (20kr) in thailand as a Christmas Present. But it's all to show my friends and others that you're not needed to a high-tech equipment fortress of stuff just to raid, and it won't improve your resault either.
However. I am willing to download an addon or two if it's needed. It's your terms, and I need to adjust. So it's no problem =)

I have applied to other guilds on this server like Dark Reflection. But once I made the application a priest officer (shadow) started hailing down whispers of how bad my gemming and enchantments where, so I decided to ignore the poor soul and resign my application. I know a few of the Dark Reflection members and therefore I wanted to join them, but if they have people like that in their guild, I won't.

Bottomline is that I'm a flexible happy person who will stay as long as the raid is up every single time I sign.
I will whipe untill my gear turns gray and I will beat at the same boss for weeks and weeks untill we finnaly get it down. I'm dedicated and easy to lern as well as hard to get pissed of or annoyed in raids.
I'll always bring food of your request and potions as well as pots and cho-cho train (if the spirit in the raid needs to be lightened up)

That is everything you had on your application form. If you need any extra information, just contact me by responing (I'll get an e-mail) or through wow.

Bye for now.


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Re: Application; Shadow priest

Post  Gnocci on 21/8/2009, 14:49

Since im tank officer I wont be the one to decide yes or no, all I can say is awesome apply there. A thums up from here if you just get Deadly boss mods it couldnt be better, I my self got as old PC as you and same crap Keyboard and mouse which works perfect, I also only got Deadly boss mods addon since the more addons you get the slower gameplay Smile

Bu the best luck from here and Gj on the apply tho you didnt do as told Wink

Some time theres fire.... Some times you have to move out of the fire.
omg lolwut

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Re: Application; Shadow priest

Post  Decryption on 21/8/2009, 15:29

agreed with Gnocci there mate.. really nice initiative you took there by writing the application from the scratch. Smile
You got my vote in this game for sure. Smile

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Re: Application; Shadow priest

Post  Healmesoftly on 21/8/2009, 16:47

First of all I appologize for all the grave spelling misstakes... My exuse is simply that I wrote it near midnight and didn't have that much energy to either keep eyelids open nor to focus of my application.

I see now that my armory link didn't show up... Quite strange, since I double checked it.
I also see that I never told you about my avarage DPS. Can be a quite bit of usefull information.
I usually reach in 25man raids (only tried VoA with my new gemmed and enchanted gear) 3.5k DPS.
Might change, since I could just have bine lucky with critts those times. But over 3k is certain.

Armory link:


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Re: Application; Shadow priest

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