Timberlake pwnds :P ACCEPTED

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Timberlake pwnds :P ACCEPTED

Post  gazodruid on 9/8/2009, 17:41

1) Which character is applying to AddicTive??
Character Name: Gazodruid and Timberlake
Level/Class: 80 druid, 80 hunter
Talent Spec:my druid is resto as main spec but can tank too.. my hunter is MM and survivel
Professions: my drood is Ench and herb.. my hunter is low.. Razz
ARMORY LINK: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Daggerspine&n=Gazodruid

2) Who is the person behind the pixels?
Age: im 17
Gender: im a little boy with a cap..
Time Zone: London.. like wow server
Hobbies: all kind of sport.. and i party alot atm
Other Info: i like to take piss on others Razz

3) How much general experience do you have with World of Warcraft?
Years/Months played: 1-2 years..
Typical play schedule (days & times): i realy dont know.. im going to start on a new school so i think at the afternoon

4) What do you enjoy most about World of Warcraft and your characters? its a big game ur have do so much in..

5) Which statement best describes your goals in playing World of Warcraft? (please select only one)
[] I simply enjoy playing the game and talking to new people; whatever else happens is fine with me.

5) How did you hear about ADDICTIVE and/or who directed you to apply?
well i sow a ok geared char and were thinking this was my level

6) What positive things do you feel you can bring to ADDICTIVE?
i will gladly help ppl with gear up.. or just help ppl Smile
7) What positive things do you feel you will get out of joining ADDICTIVE?
"its not what the guild can do for you but what you can do for the guild" thats what im thinking mostly

9) Of which guild(s) are you currently or were you previously a member?
i have been in priapisme
10) What made you decide to part ways with your previous guild(s)?
well they was being to serious on some like a HC..
11) How much WOTLK raid content have you experienced on the character with which you are applying? Please differentiate between bosses you've seen and those you've defeated.
have done some ulduar 25 man with my druid.. but not much and 10 man ulduar im at Mimiron

12) Do you have Ventrilo installed and in working order?
yes i have but no mic.. but thats normally no problem when i raid with ppl becouse i know tacs very well
13) Do you have a working microphone to communicate over Ventrilo?
well look at number 12 ^^
14) Do you have a functional threatmeter addon installed? (Omen preferred)
well not yet but soon i will get my addons back Smile
15) If interested in raiding, do you have a boss addon installed? (Deadly Boss Mods preferred)
yes i will get these addons


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Re: Timberlake pwnds :P ACCEPTED

Post  Astrinaar on 9/8/2009, 18:47

Good apply, i hope u'll be accepted Wink


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Re: Timberlake pwnds :P ACCEPTED

Post  Decryption on 10/8/2009, 00:03

gone through the apply and I'm happy to say welcome to the guild - I'll throw u a trial spot sometime tommorow, so try to be online during the day.

Best regards

Jake - aka Xinoo
Healing Officer

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Re: Timberlake pwnds :P ACCEPTED

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