Application Morgium Da Mage

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Application Morgium Da Mage

Post  Morgium on 3/9/2009, 21:29

1) Which character is applying to AddicTive??
Character Name: Morgium
Level/Class: 80 Mage
Talent Spec: Arc main / fire second (need more crit/hit)
Professions: Engineering Mining

2) Who is the person behind the pixels?
Age: 43
Gender: Mail
Time Zone: CET 1
Hobbies: Sailing, my wife and kids (15, 18 and 21 all play wow), make knives, The Pub ofc, Concerts with heavy/death meatal.
Other Info:

3) How much general experience do you have with World of Warcraft?
I have done the most in wow i guess.
Years/Months played:
Ooo, been playing since beta. Been paying monthly fee since 2005.
I have 6 lvl 80´s, 4 on Daggerspine.
Mage 90 days though.

Typical play schedule (days & times):
I play almost every day, I can raid weekdays. Fri, sat, sun is dedicated to my family ^^
Maybe sundays sometimes though.

4) What do you enjoy most about World of Warcraft and your characters?
I love the pvp ingame. nowadyas I like PvE also. I pvped for 2 years and some PvE also ofc, but now its more pvE and some PvP.
I have my rogue and DK as pvp chars atm.

5) Which statement best describes your goals in playing World of Warcraft? (please select only one)
Ok, just cant only choose one Smile, need the two below, if you really need only one, its more aimed at end-game raiding.

[X] I am focused on end-game raiding progression and willing/able to dedicate the time and effort necessary to be successful (3+ raids per week).
[] I want to see as much of the game as possible, but don't have the time or desire to raid frequently enough to master the most advanced instances (~1 raid per week).
[] I prefer raiding 10man instances and heroics.
[] I prefer working to gear/level multiple characters.
[X] I simply enjoy playing the game and talking to new people; whatever else happens is fine with me.

5) How did you hear about ADDICTIVE and/or who directed you to apply?
Have been in grp with a few member, cant remember the names though.
Saw Bímmers spam in /2 and answered.

6) What positive things do you feel you can bring to ADDICTIVE?
Matureness^^ , Im a calm player. Its me and Donquie above 40 playing mages ^^
I have no greed in stuff. I have almost all wow can give. I made one of my chars a Guild bank with 4 tabs, bank is full with high end game stuff.
I have loads of chars = most proffessions active. On daggerspine I have Mining, BS, LW, Ench, soon JC and some low proffs.
I just love wipes in raids ^^, Wipe = you learn something new.
I have been Rogue CL in Dark Reflection for a long time, i let my position go to Ultradeath a few months ago.
At that point I rerolled Mage. So I know the mechanics for rogues and mages rellally good and can help the guild
with stats, ench, gemming issues or just give some tips how to play the classes.
Helping other alts or boosts, hmm, i dont do that anymore with mains. I do have a few spots left in login with some low lvl alts I can go with you and help that way. I rare cases i do go with pala or mage with AOE though ^^

7) What positive things do you feel you will get out of joining ADDICTIVE?
A guild ofc, i miss the g-chat. Some ppl to do some hc´s with. I want to wipe in raids and down bosses ofc.
Ganking is always fun Smile

9) Of which guild(s) are you currently or were you previously a member?
I will name the 3 last ones: Enduring Alligiance, Ronin Of Sweden, dark Reflection

10) What made you decide to part ways with your previous guild(s)?
Dark reflection I left due to seeking new guild. Been in the guild for ages and did not want to have a CL / Officer position anymore.
Just wanted to be a ordinary raider.
Ronin Of Sweden migrated to Ragnaros, still some leftovers in daggerspine but no raiders left in guild.
Enduring Alligiance, i never knew when raids were up. I couldnt plan my time.
I work and have my family to take care of so i need a few days ahead in planing to make to the raids.

11) How much WOTLK raid content have you experienced on the character with which you are applying? Please differentiate between bosses you've seen and those you've defeated.
Have done some Nax 10 and a few nax 25, I left DR just after patch release, and the other guilds didnt do 25 man raids.
Still have Sapp and Kel Thuzad left to down.
Done a boss or 2 in Ulduar.
The guilds had rules not to pug but didnt raid so = low activity on downing bosses.

12) Do you have Ventrilo installed and in working order?
Nope not atm, can do if needed. I like Vent

13) Do you have a working microphone to communicate over Ventrilo?
Yes, have headset

14) Do you have a functional threatmeter addon installed? (Omen preferred)

15) If interested in raiding, do you have a boss addon installed? (Deadly Boss Mods preferred)
Yes I do

Have read your guild rules and they are very nice.
This application form is one of the best Ive seen ^^

// Thx Morg


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Re: Application Morgium Da Mage

Post  Gnocci on 3/9/2009, 22:03

Thumps up for a player that apriciate our fast planned raid days, Id give it a go. You will how ever need our DPS officers final decission (We lack mages just between us.. Welcome) Wink

Some time theres fire.... Some times you have to move out of the fire.
omg lolwut

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Didnt see the armory link I posted

Post  Morgium on 3/9/2009, 22:14

I posted an armory link but it didnt show.
Ill post it again here with other coulor.

// Morg


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Re: Application Morgium Da Mage

Post  Decryption on 4/9/2009, 17:37

Agree with Gnocci on that one really Very Happy nice to see a mature player now and then Smile Good luck mate, though I'm kinda 99% sure you'll get in ! Smile

Regards Decryption

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Post  Icecap on 4/9/2009, 20:08

I've looked your application through, and found it very interresting. I hope you'll enjoy Addictive. Smile

- Welcome to Addictive


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Re: Application Morgium Da Mage

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